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At the Global Policy Trends on the 4th Industrial Revolution 2020 Conference,

we have prepared 3 sessions under the theme "AI and Human: In Era of AI Around the Corner, ‘How Will Human-Being Live?'’'.

If you leave any questions for each session, we would like to answer them through this conference.

[Science and Technology Session] Artificial Intelligence(AI) Policy and Scientific Technology Innovation 

"What is the current level of artificial intelligence technology nowadays?

“What are the benefits for humans when artificial intelligence becomes popular?”

Leave your question about the birth of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence technology and its achievements, and popular use of artificial intelligence which is accelerated by COVID-19.

[Industry and Economy Session] Acceleration of Digital Transformation and Innovation of Industry and Economy 

“What will happen to my job when it comes to digital transformation?"

"What should we do with jobs or careers that are alienated from artificial intelligence technology?"

Leave your question about the future to be brought by digital transformation, the economic blueprint that we will meet in the future, and the preparations we need to make.

[Social Innovation Session] Digital Healthcare Policy and Social Innovation

“What exactly is digital healthcare?"

“Is it safe to entrust our health to artificial intelligence?

Korean medical system is globally recognized by transforming the country from a COVID-19 prone country to an exemplary model of COVID-19 prevention and control. What will happen once excellent K-medical prowess meets with digital healthcare? Leave your question about our lives that will become healthier in the age of artificial intelligence.

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